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I FEAR NO MORE ( A Short Story)

    “I FEAR NO MORE” By Enechukwu Goodness I hear a door slam, and I rush into the closet “this is it, the monster is home”. I struggle to pin myself to the wall, make myself invisible but no! Even the walls couldn’t hide me. My Father barks “Nina, where are you” I refuse to speak, “Where are you” he slurs. This was the routine since I was seven, after my Mom died when I was six, my Dad was torn, devastated, he resorted to drinking and came back home to torment me and sometimes rape me. I hated him; sometimes I prayed that he will die on his way to the bar. But he lived! year after year till I was fourteen. This continued and I couldn’t tell anyone, he sternly warned me every time he had his way with me to keep shut or he would strangle me”. I hopelessly looked on with tears in my eyes, too fearful to speak. One day, a lady visited us, but my Dad wasn’t home. So she said she will wait, till he comes back. We began to discuss and I began to notice an unusual radiance emanating fro